Different types of security guards

When most people think about security guards, they probably envision law enforcement personnel. This is partly due to the fact that many people have seen police movies and television shows in which Punisher or other law enforcement characters are the main characters. However, there are a number of other types of security personnel who are on the job today. In fact, there are more security guards than police officers who patrol and protect. There are three main types of security guards that work for private and public sector employers: contractual, in-house and contractual security guards.

Contract security guards are the most common and lowest-paid types of security guards. They typically earn an hourly wage close to the federal minimum wage. Contract security guards are required by law to be certified in many key areas like weapon training, self defense, first aid, and proper hygiene. Contract guards are often the lowest-paid employees. They must also be willing to work fewer hours than any other type of employee.

Another type of contract security guard that you can hire is the in-house guard. As the name implies, an In-House Guard works for an employer on an hourly basis. They are usually responsible for protecting the employer’s property. An in-house employee is technically considered an employee of the company. This means that they have much greater rights than regular employees. These guards are more likely to be promoted and receive higher salaries than other types.

There are several types of residential guards. First, there are guard dogs trained to protect the home. This guard is often used to protect children’s homes but can also be used by businesses to protect them from intruders. Other residential guards include alarm systems, wireless security cameras and closed circuit televisions.

Another important type of guard is the commercial guard. This type protects businesses from outsiders who would like to take advantage of them. Protectors of the business can be any number of individuals, companies, or groups. The corporate guard is one type of commercial guard. Guards are used by larger companies to protect their business against potential intruders.

In order to qualify as a corporate guard, the individual has to undergo a rigorous screening process. Security company representatives to interview potential candidates to determine if they have the knowledge required to perform the job duties. After interviewing candidates, they will discuss their education, background and skills. Once the security company representative receives the completed application, they will conduct further tests to verify whether or not the person is qualified to become a personal guards. The tests usually include psychological and intelligence tests.

Private security guards are another type of security guard. These are the types of personnel who are trained to respond to situations that occur outside of their office or business. Private guards are typically employed by individuals and small companies in security. These are sometimes professionally trained security guards who work as contract security guards for large companies.

Private security guards are responsible for protecting citizens from intruders and making them aware of their rights. You can contact a security guard company for more information about the different types. They can help determine the best way of protecting your premises and help you understand your needs. The good thing about working with security guard training company is that they can give you a comprehensive overview of your job responsibilities. This knowledge will help you choose the right security guard to meet your needs.

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