Online Inspectors Training Courses and Software for Home Inspections

A certified home inspector is an individual who has undertaken the necessary training and examination to become a qualified home inspector in their particular state. Home inspectors with this education are expected have a deep understanding of all systems inside a residential property. The home inspector certified must be familiarized with all laws and regulations concerning the repair of deficient structures. The state requires that the individual pass a rigorous exam before he or she can be licensed to practice as home inspector. In many cases, the individual must also be licensed in the specific area.

To be a certified home inspector, there are strict requirements. These include 120 hours of approved education, three year’s experience as an independent contractor, as well as passing a certified exam. Many states will not allow education or experience to count unless the individual has passed an approved exam. Experience is acceptable in states that do not require licensing. Individuals may choose to focus on one or two types of home inspections. To become an independent contractor, those who are interested in a career will need to complete the required hours of training and pass an exam. Individuals who are interested in working as a home inspection inspector will need to complete the required hours and pass an exam.

Virginia is not one of the states that requires individuals to have a specialized license to be able to practice as a certified inspector in their state. To be licensed to practice as a Virginia home inspector, an individual must have a state license. To legally practice as home inspector, there are a few additional requirements. Prior to receiving employment as a certified home inspector in Virginia, applicants will need to submit proof of education and/or experience. Those individuals who have completed the appropriate training will be accepted into a program that will provide them with a certificate. There are currently five programs in Virginia.

The American Society of Home Inspectors provides Virginia home inspector certification. All individuals wishing to become a home inspector in Virginia will need to successfully complete the training requirements for this program. Courses that cover topics like fire protection, property structure, and electrical safety will be required of applicants. Applicants will also need to successfully complete courses in ethics and professional practices. All courses must pass the examination.

Another option for those interested in working as an independent contractor is to take training from an approved home inspection training association. There are currently six different recognized home inspection training associations in west Virginia. Students who complete the training program will be able to work as certified home inspectors. To be eligible to enroll in these programs, potential inspectors must pass a written exam.

If you are interested in becoming a Virginia home inspector, there is another option: work with a service provider. A service provider is a company that provides home inspections. Individuals should ensure that the service provider they choose is licensed by the state and has been in business for at least five years. Most professional home inspection training providers will also require applicants to take a final examination. The Professional Home Inspector Registry administers the exam.

Those looking for work in the field of inspections may choose to become an independent contractor or join an established home inspection business. Many people who start out as contractors end-up joining established companies. To become a contractor in the field of inspections, you will need to have completed education and be certified by one of the approved certification boards. A two-year apprenticeship program is required for individuals who wish to become permanent employees of a construction firm.

To help you get started with this exciting career, there are several ways to receive free home inspection report software. These software programs provide individuals with everything that they need to become a successful inspector. These programs provide all the information a person needs about inspections and tips to help them succeed. Individuals can complete their education online and prepare for a lucrative career in home inspection.

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