Do you find it difficult to eat a healthy lunch because of your busy schedule?

Katie Blauser will be in our kitchen ready to talk strategy and how to plan ahead for healthy, tasty lunches every day of the week. You’ll never be bored with your lunch every again after this class. She’ll show us different ideas that are sure to be lots of fun and interesting. Each attendee will also receive a gorgeous Bento Box to take home!

Katie Blauser is the mama of three boys, wife of a picky eater, and photographer at Eat Pretty Darling. She believes in making food fun, healthy, & pretty! Katie’s not only outnumbered by boys in her little family, but also by picky eaters. She loves trying to find new ways to get both kids and adults to eat healthy while making food pretty yummy, pretty healthy, and pretty fun!

Price: $40 per person

Seating is limited to 8 people, so sign up quickly!

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The Bookshop is so excited to bring you The Paleo Boss Lady, Diane V. Capaldi! Join us for this one night only as she discusses her journey.

By questioning the status quo V informs the community how to rewrite their narrative on life, healthcare and living.
V founder of the brand, PaleoBOSS Lady® is a TEDx Speaker who continues to win awards for her work and V is also a world leader who created the award winning ‘Taking it to the Streets’ movement. This award winning grass roots effort has V traveling all over living in the community powered BAM van creating conscious awareness. V’s work focuses on leading by example sharing life experience and tools of self-empowerment.

The brand of PaleoBOSS Lady advocates for the sick, suffering, disabled, homeless and anyone in need. Making the tour free or donation based assures whomever reaches out to V can participate in the award winning tour. This coupled with the brands website, newsletter, videos, social media, a blog, and touring offers the community access to PaleoBOSS Lady in an effort to inspire others efforts to tap their BAM (believe in a miracle). V has dedicated her life fully to inspire and engage others to up their volume by raising the roof on life and living through conscious living.

Learn more about V here:


Facebook: @paleobosslady

Twitter: @paleobosslady

Instagram: @paleobosslady

Pinterest: @paleobosslady

Matt DeAngulo, Executive Chef at Citilites in Downtown Dayton’s Schuster Center, will be back in our kitchen discussing leftovers! He’ll prepare 3 different meals and show you how to turn those into lunches and additional dinners through out your week. This is the perfect time of year to chat about ways to make our busy lives a little easier.

Price: $65

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We are starting something NEW! Each month, we will host a Kitchen Thyme Speaker Series event. This event will feature a new topic each month at a great price of $10! The session will be 1 hour in length with a question and answer session at the end. This month’s speaker series will focus on topics related to healthy cooking and the home.

Do you find it difficult to eat healthy with your busy life?

Join us on Saturday, August 25th and learn tips and techniques to finally conquer your health and fitness goals WHILE BUSY!  Trish Zelenak: Mom, Fit Model, and Health & Fitness Coach will share the solution she has used to help hundreds of her busy working mom clients lose weight and build a healthy maintainable lifestyle without feeling deprived and WHILE ALREADY BUSY!

Trish will share her weekend meal planning and prepping techniques.  She will demonstrate how to create the perfect Mason Jar Salad, Overnight oats, and Homemade Taco Seasoning all using inexpensive different sized Mason Jars that help to keep your clean eating whole foods fresh for days.  You will learn how to calculate your appropriate calorie range and what nutrition you need within that calorie range to nourish your body, not feel deprived, and still lose weight.  You will leave the seminar with a sample and recipe of Trish’s best Homemade Taco Seasoning ever made (this claim was made by her kids).

Join us at Once Upon a Thyme Bookshop for this special seminar of her weekly meal plan prep and tips on healthy living.  Want to get a head start on the seminar? Send Trish a Facebook Friend request.  She posts weekly Sunday Meal Prep videos and correlating recipes to her Facebook Page weekly.

To learn more about Trish, her work, and see her library of recipes on her blog.

Price: $10 per person

Seating is limited to 20 people, so sign up quickly!

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Healthy cooking in an Instant Pot with Chef Jeff Blumer

Discover healthy ways to cook in an Instant Pot with Chef Jeff Blumer. Chef Jeff will discuss tips and secrets in preparing healthy meals that promise to be satisfying and delicious. Attendees will enjoy a full meal, along with great information to take home.

Price: $65

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Home for the summer and want to learn some easy recipes and tricks for eating healthy while you are away at school? Come to this fun evening with other people in the same boat as you! We’ll make a simple meal together that you can take back to school with you! $20 per person, limited to 8 people per class.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions prior to your ticket purchase.

The Ketogenic Diet (often termed keto) is a very low-carb, high-fat diet that shares many similarities with Atkins and other low-carb diets. It involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake, and replacing it with fat and targeting your ideal protein intake. The reduction in carbs puts your body into a metabolic state called ketosis.

This class will focus on cooking a few recipes that will enable you to eat delicious foods that meet the macro requirements for Keto. Some tips and planning ideas will be discussed.

Price – $65 per person

Seating is limited to 8 people, so sign up quickly.

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions prior to purchasing your ticket.