Being Present

This is an ongoing goal in my life. To be more present. I don’t want to continually look back on what I should have done. I don’t want to have every second planned for what might happen in the future. I want to be fully involved in what’s going on in my life at that very moment. I’m really bad at making this happen. I feel like I’m playing “catch up” so much that I can’t really enjoy the day to day. 

It’s important to do some planning at times, though, right? It makes living in the moment easier if we lay a little bit of ground work. There are so many different levels of meaning for this but I’m just going to look at the one that is hardest for me to tackle. Meal planning. This is something that I fail at continually and I don’t have a good excuse for it. If I think about the week ahead, think about the activities that are going in the evening, know who is going to be around at dinner – and I do the grocery shopping for the entire week – I save time. I’m not rushing to the grocery after the shop closes. We are eating healthier. We are saving money by not eating out.  I mean, come on. I have a full kitchen in the shop that I can cook in. I have no excuse. 

This is what I’m going to do to make this food planning thing happen. I’m going to try each week to plan out 3 or 4 dinners. I always make enough for leftovers, so the teenagers will have something during the day as they are passing through the house, the husband and I can grab a bowl for lunches as we fly out the door in the morning. I try to have an ample amount of fruit and veggies ready for snacks (especially for the three year old that is constantly asking for something to eat). I say that I’m going to try because, let’s face it, there is a serious commitment problem here. I don’t want to set myself up for failure. So I’m going to try and do this. 

This week I’m going to make a potato soup and a meatball soup. I’m not sure what else yet. I will scour the cookbooks for a few easy recipes that the majority of us will like. I’ll go to the grocery, Aldi first and round it out at Kroger to pick up what Aldi didn’t have. I’ll do my best to keep in the day and enjoy the time I get to spend with my family. I won’t look back at the mistakes I made, the little failures that came about. I’ll learn and move on to the next day. And I’ll try again. Everyday is about trying.