Fall Favorites: A List of Must-Do Fall Activities

Once Upon a Thyme Bookshop

By: Kristina Heaton

As soon as school is back in session, my mind inevitably shifts to autumn and planning all of the activities that I want to get in in those precious few weeks of perfect weather. I never get to everything, that would be nearly impossible!

Apple Picking ~ Apple picking means yummy apple pies, apple crisps, applesauce, apple cider,  and picking one up to eat while you run out the door.

Bonfire ~ There’s just something nice about a cool night, sitting around a fire in the back yard. S’mores are certainly nice, but not required! The smell of a campfire wafting through the night, the sound of the logs crackling, while you sit close by, certain to not get chilled.

Planting bulbs for the spring ~ Bulbs in the fall mean beautiful gardens and flower beds in the spring. There is nothing like driving by a field of tulips or daffodils (my personal favorites) and seeing the different varieties all together in one space.

Raking Leaves ~ You may think I’m crazy (that’s very fair), but I love yard work. Including raking leaves! It’s a good thing, because we have seven enormous trees in our yard. The stress of it rears its head though, when the realization that I don’t have time occurs to me.

Tailgating ~ Do you have a favorite football team that you tailgate for? My family used to tailgate every weekend when my older boys played football. It was a great way to enjoy friends,  to not worry about what I was going to feed the kids when we were in an unfamiliar town, and a great way to relax between games. There are some great, very inventive foods that you can make for these fun weekend afternoons.

Pumpkin Patch ~ It’s all part of the experience, especially when it comes to my daughter. We go out to a farm where they take us out to a field where we can search for the perfect pumpkin for our porch. Of course, most of the fun lies in carving fun designs and faces when the end of October comes around! I prefer silly faces, but that’s just me.

Hay Ride ~ A bumpy ride out into a farm field, a trip through the woods on a spooky night. Anytime there is a tractor with a wagon hitched up to it, a fun time is going to be had.

Trick or Treat ~ When my three year old was born, my husband and I made a deal that we rotate picking out Halloween costumes for her. I got the first year, and she was the cutest little octopus you ever saw. Year two, my husband chose Rey from Star Wars. Then it came to her third Halloween, and our strong-willed, opinionated little ball of fire decided she wanted to choose. This is what I love best about her. She was a bat, and says that she wants to be a bat again this year.

Simmering Stew ~ Of course I’m going to include something food related! There’s nothing better than a big pot on the stove all day, simmering. It’s ready exactly when you want it and only gets better as the day goes on.

Decorating for Autumn ~ I really enjoy decorating my home for the Autumn. I have a few key pieces of Halloween items, but for the most part, my fall decorations can last through November. I love the colors of the pumpkins on our porch, the tablecloth that is in a rich burgundy, and the smell of the new fall candle on my mantle.

I’m sure you have your own traditions for this season; perhaps some of them are similar to my favorites, maybe you have a completely different set. One thing is for sure, with each season comes a beginning, fresh ideas, interesting new ideas to explore. Happy Fall to you!