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The Hopeful Cook: Cookbooks of September

Check out these great books coming this month!

Every change is season brings a plethora of new cookbooks. This fall is no exception. I love seeing the new topics and recipes that are on the way. Nearly all lists that I see online have one big problem. They link the book directly to Amazon. Being a small cookbook shop, it makes me absolutely crazy. If you’re reading this and you want to buy one of these cookbooks, let me know! If you aren’t local, find an independent bookstore close by and ask them to order it for you. Shopping small and local is important to the business owners in your town. Small businesses are what make our cities special. Anyway, I will get off my soap box now ;-). Below is an amazing list of books coming out in September. Some have already hit shelves but the majority of them are spread out throughout the month. Keep in mind that we are able to pre-order and can ship directly to your house! We at Once Upon a Thyme Bookshop, are working on our e-commerce options so you can do all of your cookbook shopping on our website. Please bare with me on this as I’m not the most tech savvy, and as a one-woman show, I’m a little behind. I am working on that! 

  • “The Foxfire Book of Appalachian Cookery” by T. J. Smith (Sept. 2)
  • “Umami Bomb: 75 (Mostly) Vegetarian Recipes That Explode with Flavor” by Raquel Pelzel (Sept. 3) 
  • Sababa” by Adeena Sussman (Sept. 3) 
  • “Baking with Kim-Joy: Cute and Creative Bakes to Make You Smile” by Kim-Joy (Sept. 3) 
  • “Two Peas & Their Pod Cookbook: Favorite Everyday Recipes from Our Family Kitchen” by Maria Lichty (Sept. 3) 
  • “Bigger, Bolder Baking: A Fearless Approach to Baking Anytime, Anywhere” by Gemma Stafford (Sept. 3) 
  • “Cook Like a Local: Flavors That Can Change How You Cook and See the World” by Chris Shepherd and Kaitlyn Goalan (Sept. 3) 
  • “Antoni in the Kitchen” by Antoni Porowski and Mindy Fox (Sept. 9)
  • “Canal House: Cook Something (Recipes to Rely On)” by Christopher Hirsheimer & Melissa Hamilton (Sept. 10) 
  • “Lasagna: A Baked Pasta Cookbook” by Anna Hezel (Sept. 10)  
  • “The Perfect Pie: Your Ultimate Guide to Classic and Modern Pies, Tarts, Galettes, and More” by America’s Test Kitchen (Sept. 10) 
  • “The Jewish Cookbook” by Leah Koenig (Sept. 11) 
  • “Whole Food Cooking Every Day: Transform the Way You Eat” by Amy Chaplin (Sept. 17)
  • “Shuk: From Market to Table, the Heart of Israeli Home Cooking” by Einat Admony and Janna Gur (Sept. 17) 
  • “The Whole Fish Cookbook: New Ways to Cook, Eat and Think” by Josh Niland (Sept. 17)
  • “The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook” by Annie Gray (Sept. 17) 
  • “The Forest Feast Mediterranean: Simple Vegetarian Recipes Inspired by My Travels” by Erin Gleeson (Sept. 17)
  • “Heirloom: Time-Honored Techniques, Nourishing Traditions, and Modern Recipes” by Sarah Owens (Sept. 24)
  • “Cannelle et Vanille: Nourishing, Gluten-Free Recipes for Every Meal and Mood” by Aran Goyoaga (Sept. 24)
  • “American Sfoglino: A Master Class in Handmade Pasta” by Evan Funke with Katie Parla (Sept. 24) 
  • “The Gaijin Cookbook” by Ivan Orkin and Chris Ying (Sept. 24) 



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Which book are you most anticipating?