Once Upon a Thyme Bookshop is an independent bookstore located in Beavercreek, Ohio. Thyme specializes in cookbooks, vintage and unique kitchenware and gifts, as well as culinary classes and events. The purpose of this blog is to encourage the reading of cookbooks and patronizing independent bookstores and small businesses. The shop is a community gathering place with tables, a relaxing atmosphere that lends well for study and reading. Free wifi is available to guests and coffee and tea are available daily. We have a great kids kitchen that encourages play, a chalkboard wall to show off creativity, and plenty of reading material for all ages.

We will post a new blog post every Wednesday. Be sure to check back in! 

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This past week another birthday came and went, and with every birthday comes a bit of introspection. It does for me, at least. I think about the past year; what happened, what lessons did I learn, how did I grow as a person? Well, I have to say, this past year was a big year. Many things happened, but the most significant was the creation of Once Upon a Thyme Bookshop…

The Hopeful Cook

By: Kristina Heaton


As soon as school is back in session, my mind inevitably shifts to autumn and planning all of the activities that I want to get in in those precious few weeks of perfect weather. I never get to everything, that would be nearly impossible!

Fall Favorites

By: Kristina Heaton


We live in a world that is being overtaken with technology. Take a minute to read 10 reasons that make a paper cookbook better than a recipe you’ll find on the internet.

Top 10 Reasons a Cookbook is Better than the Internet

By: Kristina Heaton

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